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Most of us, Bingo fans, don’t really know the differences between Bingo and Keno games. This fact causes a lot of players to miss out on this beautiful game. Even when there are some common things to both games, they are very different by the way they are played, and handled.

Following are some of the major differences we can see between the two games:

One thing, for example, in Bingo is that participators receive a ticket with pre-determined numbers on it, and they simply have to wait to see whether or not the numbers they got are the ones being announced.

In Keno, players get to choose the numbers on their ticket. More than that, they can register those numbers and use them over multiple games, when in Bingo your ticket is only good for that specific game.

Playing Bingo and Keno online also differ in the way players get to collect their winnings: for one, in Bingo, the rules for winning may differ from one game operator to another, usually giving preference to completing rows, specific sets of numbers, or some other diverse rule. Keno is very different in that, that all Keno games follow the same rules regarding winning. It has the same structure for payouts, which gives all players, across all platforms the same chances to win.

Even the winning process itself is different between Bingo and Keno. While in Bingo, there will usually be only one winner- whoever owns the ticket with all the drawn numbers, in Keno there can be multiple winners in each game, while a set of 20 numbers is being used among all ticket holders.

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