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How much legal is online poker?

Posted by Mark Daniel

online pokerWhen people ask me whether online poker is legal, frankly the issue is quite interesting. Though gambling is considered to be illegal in some states, but online poker is something different than typical gambling. It is not managed by states since its audience may be global, so it’s not possible to control the regulations by any individual country or state. Online poker has been legalised and it is regulated in numerous countries including some nations in and around the Caribbean Sea as well as in United Kingdom. But when we talk about the legality of online poker in United States, it becomes difficult to tell whether it is legal. As of yet there is no guidelines set for gambling online, hence it would be wrong to say that online poker is illegal in US. In fact, you could answer yes, no, or maybe, and be just as right with any of these answers. Though some people may be little apprehensive due to The Wire Act that says gambling online is illegal as it forbids gambling by phone, yet there is no standard set that makes this statement official about Internet gambling. Therefore, while there are a lot of ways to assume gambling online is against the law, there is no means to prove so until a rule is set. Setting a law involves somebody being found guilty of playing online poker. Till now, not one single person out of the millions US citizen has been charged for violating this act.


If you are not sure of whether playing online poker can lead you to legal hassles, then here is good news for you. As of now, there is no federal law has been set that forbids US players from creating their poker accounts online as well as playing for real money. When we talk about the state law, the picture is a bit cloudier. Several US states have century old gambling laws that can not directly address current US poker sites. But the best part is in future months and years ahead, poker players should be able to enjoy even more options when it comes to online legal poker sites in the US.

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