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Posted by Mark Daniel

During the last fifteen years, dozens of online poker sites have fetched millions of customers and earned billions of dollars. Yet, there has been only one poker site that provides both a wide choice of games and first-rate customer service. Naturally, that site is Titan Poker. The software engine furnishes players with so many great Titan Poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud.

Although a few new players sign on with the site to get familiar with the software, most of them come back for the genuine Titan Poker experience. Titan Poker puts up a welcome mixture of convenience and class. The site’s graphics express the game’s action in concise detail, with almost no connection lag, while Titan Poker also provides a refined and unpretentious set of graphics and sounds. Also, Titan Poker allows players to take the action with them by playing on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Players can also participate in the site’s “Monthly Cash” guaranteed Titan Poker bonuses. For players paying from $100 to $2000 per year in “rake” fees in cash ring games, Titan Poker gives 15 percent of those rake fees back to the player. Since the site takes a percentage of the pot in rake fees, players can earn rakeback bonuses on every hand! Titan Poker pays these rakeback bonuses to players every month based on the rake the site earns on their hands.

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